Thumbnail portrait: Mackinac Island

No need to dream about going back in time—simply transport yourself to Mackinac Island. Like Somewhere in Time, the 1980 film that made the wee 8-miles-round island a national celebrity, this place rolls to a classic soundtrack: the clip-clop of horses hooves on cobblestone streets, the creak of carriage wheels and the lapping waves of the surrounding Straits (but never, ever a car engine; the island banned autos long ago). Take a video vacation to Mackinac Island and watch A Day on Mackinac Island.

What to do in such vintage bliss? Stop and smell the island’s lilacs, savor its sweet fudge (you’ll find fresh hunks at nearly a dozen shops on Main Street), see—and hear!—a cannon fire at Fort Mackinac, ride a bicycle built for two, play a round of golf at two century-old golf courses, stroll arm in arm along the world’s longest porch at the Grand Hotel—or take a hint from history and do exactly what the island’s Victorian visitors did at Mackinac Island: relax..

Here are some picks for breakfast, lunch and dinner, clues to biking the island’s interior and the story behind Mackinac Island’s Arch Rock.

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