Simple Pleasures: Postcards for Your Guests

Todd Zawistowski

Head to the nearest Up North drugstore or souvenir shop and stock up on postcards. Stick a 27-cent stamp on each card and arrange the cards and a pretty pen in a cool container in your guest room. Welcome guests to brag about their vacay the old-fashioned way.—D.K.

Article Comments

  • Lisa Hudson

    What a fabulous idea – even for a transplanted Michigander now (sadly) dwelling Arizona. I’ll plan to stock up. Come winter, when our Michigan friends are flocking south, they can send warm greetings to family Up North.

    Counting the days until we’re back in Michigan for OUR summer vacay…

    Lisa Hudson
    Scottsdale, AZ

  • lscisme

    A great way to send postcards is by using the wonderful, free postcards that are now found in many stores and restaurants in TC and Leelanau. They advertise local businesses and I think the graphics are fantastic!

  • Lissa Edwards

    Great idea to go with this Simple Pleasures!