1Hot dogs are so 40 years ago. Whip up homemade pizza at the cottage on an Outdoor Artisan Pizza Oven and sing, "Everyone will be in love with me." This hand-fabricated stainless steel beauty is made in Michigan by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. $3,990. kalamazoogourmet.com.

2True grill maestros need fine-tuned instruments; All-Clad has them covered with this four-piece stainless steel barbecue set. $99. Mary’s Kitchen Port in Traverse City. 231-941-0525.

3Salties call it a lobster pot, but freshwater folks know that the crustacean pictured on the outside is really a crayfish. Either way, set this 16-quart whopper of a pot on a grill over your bonfire to cook up anything that swims your way. $100. Cutler’s in Petoskey, 231-347-0341; Crystal Crate & Cargo in Beulah, 231-882-5294. For more Up North dealers, lecreuset.com.

4If you happen to brush shoulders with the North’s favorite celeb chef this summer, you’ll want to mention you tried out one of the recipes in his latest book, Mario Batali Italian Grill. $29.95. at most Up North bookstores or go to mariobatali.com.

5Don’t even think about cracking open Mario Batali Italian Grill without wrapping one of Batali’s signature orange aprons around your middle. $27.99, The Front Porch, Suttons Bay. 800-307-7210, front porchsb.com.