Todd Zawistowski and Respective Companies

1 The artful moms who founded Amenity Nursery make their nursery ensembles from organic cotton and hemp, then print them with low-impact dye and hip woodland scenes. Blanket, $96. For other prices: Green Island, Traverse City. 866-933-8465,

2 Snuggle Baby in this Moses basket outfitted with organic cotton fleece and a pure wool-stuffed mattress. $230. Green Island, Traverse City. 866-933-8465,

3 Toddler tea parties and art projects are as healthy as they should be on this formaldehyde-free project table with a non-toxic finish. $350.

4 Close wood shutters when baby is sleeping and rest assured they don’t off-gas like most traditional shades. Check out Lafayette’s Greenguard certified line for shutters that meet strict environmental standards. Trend Windows, Traverse City. 231-941-1241,

5 It’s old fashioned-common sense–all-natural, milk-based paint is a healthy choice for nursery walls. Shown here: Bioshield’s Casein Milk Paint in Terra Del Fuego and Terra Verde. Comes powdered. $34.50 covers 200 to 300 square feet. Also new is Bioshield’s Kinderpaint. Think safe for your children, as in no solvents, volatile products or petroleum products. Also washable. Eco-Building Products, Traverse City. 231-932-9104,

Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski and Respective Companies