Game On

My dad single-handedly saved a rained-out camping trip to North Manitou by brandishing, from the depths of his backpack, his trusty maple-cased backgammon set. He’ll be pleased to know his daughter now travels smart with an even lighter, brighter, girlishly gorgeous travel set of her own, ready to save their next rainy day. $45, Shop of the Gulls, Charlevoix, 231-547-9781.

Open & Shut Case

Fancy hats may have gone out of fashion, but fanciful hatboxes? Never. These pretty polka-dot cases are perfectly sized for storing the wide-brimmed sunhat you wish you wore more, but stylish enough inside and out for opening up and displaying a few of your other favorite things. This squeezably soft striped rabbit, by the way, is sure to be one of them. Set of two cases, $87; bunny basil, $46 at Contents in Petoskey, 231-347-1900.

Peep Show

Fat as eggs and full of salt (and pepper), these sassy little birdie shakers add a sprinkle of whimsical flavor to any spring table. $10.95 for the set. Isabella’s Copper Pot, Gaylord, 989-731-9700.

When Life Hands You Lemons…

Before you set to starting your spring garden, fill this giant jug with whatever you need to quench your thirst and keep your green thumb going. Lemonade? Iced Tea? A mega mojito? We won’t tell … so long as we’re invited. $79.95, Isabella’s Copper Pot, Gaylord, 989-731-9700.

Rise and Dine

If you think retro comes only in shades of avocado, this vintage chair–part of a set of two mated with a diner-style table–is your wakeup call. Starburst patterns explode over lime-on-chartreuse seats and aqua-on-white chair backs; the coordinating drop-leaf table for two is lemon-colored and chrome. We can’t think of a better three-piece set to brighten a breakfast nook. See the whole sunny-side-up bunch, $99, Mill Creek Gifts, Elk Rapids, 231-264-0807,

Photos by Todd Zawistowski

Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski