For Lunch: RadishWe’re hungry for ravishing ingredients such as fresh pears, feta, rare roast beef, kale, jicama, pico de gallo and sweet corn right off the cob at this carryout salad bar. To accompany, there’ll be homemade dressings like creamy herb and old-fashioned green goddess, and soups like chilled ginger melon. Opening soon at 408 Union, Traverse City, 231-932-9330.

For Dinner: The Cooks’ HouseA sweet little dollhouse of a spot is home to sustainable local cuisine with a French sensibility. Think: Whitefish with radishes three ways in sorrel sauce; morel risotto; bison Wellington with roasted potatoes, wild mushroom and red wine-chocolate reduction. Now open at 439 Front Street, Traverse City.

For Drinks: Café HabanaWe predict the rooftop patio will be the summer in the city slip-away spot for a midday dark and sweet café Cubano, an evening coconut-rum sangria or mojito. Open May 14 at 423 South Union, 231-929-4150.

Photo(s) by IStock