Q: What do you want potential buyers to know about bank-foreclosed properties?

A: That bank foreclosures aren’t always the deal they think they are. People write really low offers and they’re surprised when the bank doesn’t accept them. The banks have their own magical number they want to get. People need to be prepared for how banks work. They need to know how to make an offer to a bank and the kind of things to expect back.

Q: It sounds a little intimidating. Are there some good deals out there?

A: Absolutely — if buyers are prepared and know what to expect. It really behooves people to link up with a knowledgeable realtor.

Q: How about a hot tip?

A: I have a little ranch on Barlow Street in Traverse City listed right now. It’s in good condition. Hardwood floors. Three bedrooms, one bath and comes with appliances. It’s listed for $97,000. I don’t know why it’s so low.

Randy Vredenburg, Century 21 McCoyReal Estate, 231-313-0658,