Courtesy Grand Traverse Conservation District

Imagine: You’ve just bought a woodland lot for your new home, and the bulldozer’s on its way. Is there anything you can do to save those beautiful native lady ferns and trillium?

Well, yes, actually.

Each year, the Grand Traverse Conservation District involves a dedicated group of volunteers to help with the Native Plant Rescue program. Armed with shovels, garden gloves and pails, the volunteers venture into woodlots and fields slated for development to help land owners rescue these important plants.   A great deal of preparation goes into the plant rescuing, from locating dig sites to volunteer coordination. The plants are kept protected during their dormant over-wintering period at volunteers’ homes, and then sold at the Conservation District’s annual Native Plants Sale.  Volunteers gain a memorable experience, land owners can feel good they did their part for the earth, and the plants are happily relocated to community gardens and yards.

Interested in volunteering? Know of a possible development site? Call the Grand Traverse Conservation District office at 231-941-0960. A Native Plant Rescue volunteer meeting will be held on April 23 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Grand Traverse District Library Meeting Room A. All interested in volunteering are encouraged to attend; RSVP by calling 231-941-0960.