Grill-out provisions at Tannery Creek in Petoskey

Grill-out provisions at Tannery Creek in Petoskey.

Todd Zawistowski

It’s a mighty fine weekend to dust off the grill, eh? Especially after a long Up North winter, make sure your grill is sparkling clean and free of any insect/critter debris or other flotsam before lighting up. (Tip: a small wad of aluminum foil rubbed on the grill grates works great as an instant scouring pad.)

Petoskey’s Tannery Creek Meat Market will carry you through the long, sweet season of alfresco cooking. Do-it-yourself chefs can consult the carefully drawn cow on the dry-erase board behind the counter for their cut of meat (says the cow: “You wanna piece of me?”), or the exceptionally charismatic staff (I call them dinner heroes) is the hookup for a no-stress, attention-getting main dish. Among their protein offerings: kofta (minced lamb with Middle Eastern spices), hefty black angus steaks, big boneless pork chops, and four kinds of salmon. (On non-grill nights, try their marinated turkeys and succulent king crab legs.) 1210 U.S. 31 Petoskey, 231-439-3663

Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski