Over The Moon

Schonbek’s Da Vinci chandelier is brilliant for two reasons: One, it’s made of Swarovski crystal, the world’s finest.
Two, it’s dishwasher safe. Seriously. In sizes up to 24″ in diameter, the orb can be split into sections and tossed into the dishwasher. And that, oh weary wielders of rags and Windex, is what we call sphere magic. 10″ chandeliers start at $2,195; sizes up to 60″ available. Northern Lights and Lifestyle, Frankfort, 231-352-6443, northernlightsltd.com.

Girl’s Best Friend

After just one glass of wine, he’s casting come-hither glances. What’s a girl to do? With Romeo, whatever you wish; with your potent love potion, we suggest you cap it – temporarily, of course – with a bauble befitting your own irresistible sparkle. $14 each at Suvi, Manistee, 231-398-3200, suviboutique.com.


Set flickering candles inside these bold, bejeweled holders and watch your interior ignite with shimmering prisms of light.Small, $59.95; large, $129.95. Hollyhock, Manistee, 231-723-2051, thehollyhock.com.

Queen For Everyday

You wouldn’t eat only one ice cream sundae in your lifetime. You wouldn’t celebrate only a single birthday. So why in the name of all that’s fabulous and fun would you limit a twinkly tiara to wedding-day wear only? For shame, shy ladies! Don a dazzler whenever it strikes your feminine fancy – be it for a bubble bath or an Aretha Franklin-backed house-cleaning frenzy. (Trust us, being an ice princess has never been so hot.) $125, Bay Bridal Boutique, Traverse City, 231-929-2636.

Give ‘Em The Sip

Slim, elegant and etched with spare snowflakes, this cordial set is the ultimate accessory for a frosty winter’s eve round the fire with friends. Set includes decanter and six glasses. $25.95, Bella Casa, Ludington, 231-843-1011.

Pick of the Glitter

You want to serve sausage on a stick, that’s your prerogative. But if you prefer your hors d’oeuvres to show a bit of class, you’ll want them on skewers and spoons that boast a bit of glass – namely, these gorgeous bead-topped babies from Cali’s Boutique. Use them this New Year’s Eve with the chichi champagne fondue recipe that follows on page 9. Picks and spoons, $8-10 each; glass, $16. Traverse City, 231-947-0633.

Lynda Twardowski is travel editor at Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine.lmt@traversemagazine.com

Note: This article was first published in January 2008. Check item availability.

Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski; courtesy Schonbek