Don’t mind if I do …

Todd Zawistowski

Gelato at American Spoon Gelato Cafe—we’ve been obsessed with the dense, smooth texture and potent flavors of this authentic Italian-style dairy confection since the first time we tried it. We even try to think of it as health food: one key difference between ice cream and gelato is that gelato is made with just milk and (sometimes) a little cream. That’s why it has less fat than ice cream, even though it is creamier due to its greater density. Duck into one of American Spoon’s adorable black-and-white-checkered cafes (230 East Front St., Traverse City, or 413 East Lake St., Petoskey, among others across Michigan) this June when they bring on two new flavors. We can’t wait to try the mild, silky, snow-white fior di latte (“flower of milk” in Italian), which is pure milk and cream with just the right amount of controlled sweetness  and a smattering of chocolate chips, and peach-apricot, juicy with Northern Michigan stone fruits.

Can’t wait?

American Spoon has six authentic favorites (one pint each of Early Glow Strawberry, Pistachio, Burnt Caramel, Chocolate and Hazelnut Stracciatella gelatos, plus one pint Black Raspberry sorbetto) available for shipment on dry ice. When they arrive, they’ll give you a summery lift to tide you over until the solstice., 888-735-6700.

Photo(s) by Todd Zawistowski