Poaching Eggs
Use a deep saucepan—eggs poach best when the water is relatively deep. Adding vinegar to the water helps to set the whites.

Foolproof Hard-boiled Eggs
This is the way my mother taught me, and it works every time. Place eggs in a saucepan in one layer. Fill pan with water to 1 inch above eggs and heat on medium-high until the water begins to boil. Remove the saucepan from heat and cover with a lid. Leave the eggs in the water for 15 minutes, then immediately run cold water over the eggs. When cool to the touch, they are ready to peel.

Perfect Peaks
The fat in yolks prevents whites from fluffing, so make sure there is no egg yolk in your bowl when you start beating. To determine the stiffness of your egg white peaks, turn off the mixer and lift the beaters straight up. The whites will lop to one side for soft peaks and stand upright for stiff peaks.

Transporting Deviled Eggs
Here’s a solution to a picnic-packing problem: Fill a pastry bag with egg yolk filling mixture, a plastic bag with hard-boiled white halves, and place both on ice. Fill the eggs on location.

Shell Removal
The easiest tool for removing any errant bit of eggshell from your bowl? Another piece of eggshell — just scoop and remove.