Sun, Stucco and Style

Inside the Edwardses’ home, that philosophy is reflected in a cozy, efficient floor plan featuring a galley kitchen, breakfast nook, dining room and four-season porch that all open onto the living room. But most of all, the design philosophy is expressed through an exquisite use of craftsmanship and detail.

Step inside the home and you see how Larry himself set that tone with an Arts and Crafts-style stairway banister that he designed from cherry, walnut and maple. The craftsmanship continues throughout the home in elements like a custom walnut and cherry fireplace mantel, pine beadboard and beam ceilings, and a variety of interior doors made from oak, cherry or painted poplar. Some of the doors are antique and others are new but made narrower for a period look.

Cherry cabinets in the kitchen lend the small space sophistication, as does a custom-designed beverage hutch, where everything from coffee to wine is served. The hutch, inspired by Candi but designed by Patti Olson of Etc. Kitchens and Baths in Harbor Springs, is stained in shades of chartreuse and port.

To choose the warm, colorful interior wall paint palette, Candi looked to the organic colors of the Arts and Crafts period and to the shades of the meadow outside her windows. The couple has culled an eclectic mixture of corduroy and leather furniture from the Old Spud Warehouse. Some of the artwork is from their store, as well. But the very best landscapes came with the home they designed so carefully. "Our artwork is our view," Candi says.

Jeanne Lesinski writes from Bay [email protected]

Note: This article was first published in March 2007 and was updated for the web February 2008.

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