Six Island Escapes

Mackinac Island: At Mackinac’s Leisure

What do you do on a 3.5-square-mile island where the downtown is two streets deep and cars were banned when they were still called horseless carriages? You do what folks have done here for more than a hundred years: relax.

Board a carriage for a trot around the white-picket-fence Victorian neighborhoods where views of Lake Huron’s lacy waves peek out from behind gables and turrets. Rent a bicycle built for two to make the 8-mile pedal around the island even more romantic. Gather a stash of flat stones, and when Lake Huron settles smooth as a dance floor, see how many times you can make them skip. Take a seat in a rocker on the Grand Hotel’s 660-foot-long white porch and rock.

Ride a horse through a woods of birch, spruce, beech and maple. Put your hands over your ears while the cannon is fired at Fort Mackinac, then mosey over to the bluff-top deck of the fort’s tea room and sip maybe the best milkshake you’ve ever had in your life while you watch the ferries and sailboats come and go from the harbor below. Eat the island’s famous fudge while it’s so fresh it’s still warm.

Eat more. Go to sleep to the clip-clop of horses hooves and the purl of breaking waves. Wake up to the same. For everything you need to know about visiting Mackinac Island go to – Elizabeth Edwards

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