Start your breezy-does-it day in downtown Harbor Springs, where freshly planted window boxes make Main Street feel all pretty and pastel. Quiche and a cup of Kenya AA await at Woolly Bugger Roasters. Sip as you stroll down to Becky Thatcher Designs, where you can browse Thatcher’s landscape-inspired designs—some made with Lake Michigan beach stones—or finger through the boulder opal beaded necklaces hung on hooks above the beachy bead-board.

Next up is R Frogs Gallery to take in the whimsical, exquisite work of artist Tim Cotterill, aka The Frogman. He’s named all his tiny frog sculptures in enameled silver; we like Dart, crouched coyly on a silver lily-pad pendant, and Stealth, draped dramatically from a banyan-wood bead necklace. Find a stunning beach stone necklace with a single palladium bead set with diamonds a brick-walkway away through the red door to Douglas Allan Bacon Fine Jewelry.

Ready for a pick-me-up? Find it in a warm Macadamia nut cookie from the ovens at Tom’s Mom’s Cookies or a more grown-up treat down by the harbor at Stafford’s Pier Restaurant, known simply as “The Pier” around here. Try the chilled cherry soup made with sweet and tart Michigan cherries, yogurt, brandy and rum.

Back to the beauty at Mary Ann Archer Fine Jewelry Design. Archer’s signature hand-made sterling silver sweetheart charms with names of favorite Up North hamlets or lakes make a classy Up North memento, as do her delicate sterling silver trillium earrings and bracelets.

Dine at The New York, an up-scale historic haunt with impeccably fresh fish. After your whitefish with lemon-dill sauce, take a fresh-air stroll through the harbor, or, if you’re in town in early springtime, head up M-119 to witness artist Mary Ann Archer’s favorite way to see wild trillium: by moonlight, when the trees are still bare and the blossoms create a blanket of white that looks like fresh snow.

Emily Betz Tyra is associate editor at Traverse, Northern Michigan’s