In some circles hot dogs are hotly debated. Skinless or natural casing? Plain or stuffed plump with jalapenos and cheese? Tender or with a nice snap? In Northern Michigan you have ample opportunity to find the dog that speaks best to you. Here is a world of small-town butcher shops (some of them around for almost a century), each devising a homemade version of the finest weenie around. Find the original round up in the August 2006 issue of Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine.


Bayside Market

1532 U.S. 31 North, Traverse City, 231-938-2530

Regular, cheese and cheese-jalapeno.

Bunting’s Cedar Market

9054 Kasson, Cedar, 231-228-7460

Plain, cheese, turkey, jalapeno, chili-cheese and kraut.

Burritt’s Fresh Markets

509 W Front St., Traverse City, 231-946-3300

Plain, chili-cheese.

Deering’s Food Market

10233 West Front St., Empire, 231-326-5249

Homemade plain, cheese, jalapeno-Swiss, chili, garlic dogs, Cajun and all-beef.

Hansen Foods

91 West 4th St., Suttons Bay, 231-271-4280

Regular and cheesy.

Maxbauer Specialty Meat Market

407 South Union, Traverse City, 231-947-7698

Original, German, chili-cheese and hunter (hot).

Oleson’s Food Stores

3860 North Long Lake Rd., Traverse City, 231-947-6510

160 Memorial Dr., Manistee, 231-723-9903

Homemade buffalo hot dogs, slightly sweeter than beef franks.

Paradise Meats

6951 Cougar Trail, Kingsley, 231-263-7419

Regular, cheese, chili-cheese, cheddar and onion, all beef, turkey, and hot and spicy.

Plath’s Meats

116 South Third St., Rogers City, 989-734-2232

2200 East Mitchell, Petoskey, 231-348-8100

95th anniversary this summer. Cheese, regular, Polish-style.

Pleva’s Meats

8974 South Kasson, Cedar, 231-228-5000

Joe Vlack’s recipe for regular hot dogs, passed down for 100 years. Plus cheddar, chili-cheese, Polish dog.

Sanders Meats

237 South Main, Custer, 231-757-4768

Since 1925. Club frank and skinless.