Danny Forster’s Cool, Green House

Forster’s passion for architecture and innovation propels you through this house as he explains the technologies, techniques and materials that help him achieve his goal of designing a home like none other. A graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Forster owns the architectural company, dkfArchitecture, whose mission is to create “environmentally mindful architecture at a reasonable cost.” This house represents the first project for dkfArchitecture, and Forster believes the contemporary-style home will attain the highest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating possible. You’ll be mesmerized not just by how Forster has designed the home, but by the way he introduces it to you.

Featuring: Danny Forster , dkfARCHITECTURE , and Paul Maurer General Contracting, Inc . Music by James Filkins.

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Article Comments

  • readmond

    Very nice plans for this home. Another option for you is Radiant systems. Please check out Horizon Energy at

    Brad Lindsay has been preaching for over 20 years with great results, many whitepapers and test results for desert or cold climates (he is a michigan boy).

    I am a Petoskey boy that will be home again someday, either as a winemaker or other tbd.

    great house.

  • Sharon

    To solve the vapor barrier problem in the roof area you can use the two pound Spray Foam as it is its own vapor barrier. No other product is need for vapor drive when using the two pound spray foam. Since it has R4 per inch you do not have to fill the entire cavity with the foam leaving room for the light fixture screws.