Dance the Tango in Traverse City

Master the slow, smoldering moves of Argentine-style tango. Lessons are offered at the following:

Gallerie Medici: Cindy Carleton gives private lessons by appointment and two workshops a month in her ruby-walled art gallery. She also hosts live music tango gatherings, called milongas. Find Gallerie Medici at 535 West Front Street in downtown Traverse City, 231-995-3633.

Just Imagine Creative Center: Ron Hensel teaches lessons every Thursday evening from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Drop-ins welcome. $15 per couple, $10 for singles, $5 for experienced partners just wanting to dance awhile. Just Imagine Creative Center is at 225 West 14th Street in Traverse City, 231-932-9116. For questions about lessons, contact Hensel directly at 231-620-1485.

For info on Northern Michigan’s own nuevo tango band, Barefoot Tango, see the article Nuevo Tango Up North.

Article Comments

  • Fred Swartz

    This information is out of date and completely wrong. Cindy Carleton, whose tango skills are missed, moved to Arizona and the former Galerie Medici is now part of the Dog Bakery! I’m not sure what the former church on 14th st is currently called, but there are no more tango lessons there.

    The main tango activity in Traverse City is at Crystal Bindi Dance Studio, now located at 10660 Carter, where the Traverse City Tango Co-op holds lessons and practice sessions twice a week. Google them or go to

  • Fred Swartz

    Changes to the tango scene in Traverse city: The Traverse City Tango Club (formerly Traverse City Tango Co-op) is sponsoring tango every every Monday from 7-9pm. Dancers at all levels are welcome. Beginners should come at 7 sharp because the beginner lessons are from 7:00-7:30. After that is open practice. It’s at Bodies in Motion (formerly Crystal Bindi) at 10660 Carter (near Apache Trout Grill). Above article is completely out-of-date (Cindy Carleton and Ron Hensel are no longer teaching tango).