The Luxe Life

Twin Lakes State Park

Pack your bags for the penthouse suite of the state park system. Newly renovated with room for eight, the Twin Lakes Lodge boasts three bedrooms, one and a half baths, a fully loaded kitchen and a family room – with, get this: an electric fireplace. There’s even a garage for storing your toys. And trust us, if you’re coming to this Upper Peninsula paradise, you’ll want to bring plenty. 100 yards from your front door is access to a 37-mile ATV trail, there’s a boat launch to get you on the water and, thanks to a recent stocking of 13,000 splakes and rainbows, that water is jumping. Of course, you’re always welcome to stay inside and play with the toaster instead – it’s your vacation, high roller. The park is located 26 miles southwest of Houghton/ Hancock. 906-288-3321,


Michigan State Parks

Okay, so it was Native Americans of the Plains – not of the North – that called tepees home, but the folks at the Michigan State Park system know a good idea when they see it. That’s why they’ve crafted kitschy but cool canvas versions with room for four cots or bunks and made them available for rental at Cheboygan, Interlochen, Wilson and Baraga State Park campgrounds. 800-44PARKS,

Didya know?

I say tipi, you say teepee. (And Michigan State Parks says tepee). But did you know the word “tipi” is derived from the Lakota word “thipi,” which translates to “they dwell?”

Numero Uno

Fife Lake State Forest

Only one can be first, and among state forest campgrounds, Spring Lake Campground is it. The tiny outdoor oasis, established in 1929, is exclusive – there’s room only for 32 tents or small trailers – but really, the fame of being first hasn’t gone to its proverbial head. $10 is all you need to stay a night, no reservations are needed, and the only A-listers you’ll find are the pike, bluegill and sunfish swimming off shore. Bring your boat and head down the ramp – no velvet rope there either. 1.5 miles southwest of Fife Lake via U.S. 131. 231-775-9727, 231-824-3591.

Lynda Twardowski is travel editor at Traverse, Northern Michigan’s

Note: This article was first published in July 2007 and was updated for the web February 2008.