Sil-pinThe no-stick, no-scorch, no-scrub ease of silicone mats and bakeware has reached the zenith of useful application: the rolling pin. This puppy slips across and presses dough like no other pin we know – no rips, no tears, no sticking – which makes pie-making pure pleasure. $30.95,

Onion GogglesWe can’t speak for Argentina or spilled milk, but you will never cry again while you cut onions. These foam-lined, anti-fog goggles fit close to your face, forming a comfy barrier between your eyeballs and the onion’s release of enzyme and sulfuric compounds – i.e., the whiffs that make you weep. $18.95.

SiLi TwistsBundle your asparagus. Hang some herbs. Truss that turkey. You’ll never have to badger the butcher for string again. SiLi Twists are reusable, dishwasher safe, colorful (think: no stray strands shall ever again stow away in the stuffing) and can handle heat up to 675°. Set of six, 16-inch twists, $14,

Lynda Twardowski is assistant editor at Traverse, Northern Michigan’s

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