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Wild Leek Chimichurri Asparagus & Eggs

Northern Michigan Recipe: This Wild Leek Chimichurri Asparagus & Eggs recipe from The Intentional Minimalist blogger, Kristin Celeste Shroeger, features local produce from 9 Bean Rows, Birch Point Farms and Verdant Farms.

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Farm fresh local garlic Jalapeno
Farm fresh local wild leeks
Farm fresh local eggs
Farm fresh local asparagus
Farm fresh local baby white swiss chard
Farm fresh local sorrel
Farm fresh local garlic mustard leaves
Farm fresh local garlic mustard flowers
Farm fresh local cilantro micro greens
Wild leek infused olive oil (recipe link)
Sea salt Cayenne pepper


Remove skins and chop two medium garlic cloves and place in food processor. Remove seeds from one jalapeno and add to processor. Zest lime and add to processor. Juice lime and reserve juice. Slice four large leek whites and leek stems; add to processor.

Pulse food processor for thirty seconds. Remove stems from one cup swiss chard and add to processor. Add one half cup sorrel, one cup cilantro micro greens and one cup garlic mustard leaves to processor and pulse for thirty seconds. Add half of lime juice, two tablespoons wild leek oil, one eighth teaspoon salt one eighth teaspoon cayenne pepper and pulse for thirty seconds. Taste and adjust seasons and add additional lime juice as desired.

Add one half teaspoon wild leek oil to medium metal sauté pan.  Remove stems from four asparagus stalks per serving, add to pan with two sliced leek whites, a sprinkle of salt, cover and cook for two-three minutes.  Remove asparagus from pan and reserve.

Add one half teaspoon oil to the medium metal  sauté pan, add one egg per serving and add one half tablespoon of water to side of the egg pan. Cover and cook eggs until whites are done but the yokes are a tad runny. Plate egg with asparagus stalks, leek whites, a few mustard flowers and one tablespoon chimichurri sauce.