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Northern Michigan Recipes: Brunch Salad

Northern Michigan Recipes: In her blog, The Intentional Minimalist, Kristin Celeste Shroeger creates recipes based around her Community Supported Agriculture share from 9 Bean Rows Farm & Bakery in Northport. 9 Bean Rows grows fresh organic produce in a hoop house throughout the winter—which means Kristin can make this über healthy Brunch Salad on February mornings before she heads out to play in the snow. Find 9 Bean Rows produce year-round at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons Farmers Market, (winter hours) Saturdays, 10 a.m–2 p.m.

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1   small red onion 1   medium turnip
1   large baby potato
2   cups kale, torn
sea salt and pepper
½   tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon canola oil
½   Food for Thought wild leek vinegar
2    eggs
4    cups spicy salad greens mix
drizzle of Green Onion Infused olive oil
9 Bean Rows artisan sea salt and
fennel bread       thyme

Organic Green Onion–Infused Olive Oil

1    large bunch organic green onions 3    cups organic olive oil       sea salt


For the Organic Green Onion–Infused Olive Oil

Wash one large bunch of green onions and cut bulbs off. Slice onion greens and add greens into a large glass jar with a few pinches of sea salt; cover greens with three cups of oil. Cover jar with a tight lid and store in a dark cool area for seven days, shaking jar every day. On the seventh day, strain oil into a clean glass jar.

For the Brunch Salad

Slice red onion, chop turnip and potato. Remove kale leaves from stems and tear two cups of kale into pieces. Add one-half tablespoon canola oil to pan with sliced onions; sauté for two minutes with a little sea salt. Add turnip and potato to onions, and cook for an additional two minutes then remove vegetables from pan. Add kale greens to pan with a little water and sea salt; cook for one minute, stir and add a dash of vinegar and cook for another minute, then remove greens from pan. Add one-teaspoon canola oil to the pan and add two eggs; season with salt and pepper. Cover eggs with lid and cook until whites are done but the yolks are a tad runny. Plate two cups of spicy greens per serving and top with kale, vegetables, egg and a drizzle of green onion–infused olive oil on top of egg. Slice sea salt and fennel bread and toast in pan, sprinkling fresh thyme on both sides. Serve the pan-fried bread with the breakfast salad. With first bite, break egg yolk and it will mix with the oil, vinegar and greens for your dressing.