Recent and Featured Outdoors Articles

  • Dune Wonder

    Varied dune ecology can be found in Grand Sable Dunes, Sleeping Bear Dunes and Nordhouse Dunes, including pitcher’s thistle, piping plover and wolf spider.

  • Wendy Wagoner, Savior of Native Plants

    Interview with Wendy Wagoner who helped establish the Eastern Upper Peninsula Northern Wild Plant and Seed Cooperative: to promote, propagate and protect native plants.

  • Lake Michigan’s Vanishing Shrimp

    Throughout the Great Lakes bottomland, the diporeia, a key piece of the food chain, is disappearing. Scientists try to discover why.

  • Canoe Traverse City's Boardman River

    Paddle and picnic on the Boardman River in Traverse City.

  • Tour Oden’s Fish Hatchery

    Take a tour of the Oden State Fish Hatchery, north of Petoskey, which incubates, raises and releases 1,000,000 fish into Michigan’s streams, rivers and lakes.

  • Snow Gear for Winter Rituals

    Three gear suggestions for snowy outings and an essay on the making outdoor treks a ritual.

  • Hepatica acutiloba

    Description of the early bloomer, Hepatica acutiloba.

  • Kayak The Crystal River

    Paddle, kayak, canoe or tube the gentle current of the Crystal River in Glen Arbor.

  • 3 Ways to One-of-a-kind Camping

    Three ways to spend the night in one of Michigan’s State forests and parks, including teepees and campgrounds in Twin Lakes State Park and Fife Lake State Forest.

  • Our Endangered Dragonfly

    Experts from around the country gather in one mucky patch of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to unravel the mystery of the Hines emerald dragonfly.

  • Paddle Traverse City’s Boardman River

    Pack a gourmet picnic lunch and drift down the Boardman River’s cool, shallow water.

  • Mapping the Diporeia Vanishing Point

    Maps shows that while diporeia have existed in Lake Michigan for 11,000 years, they are nearly gone in the course of a decade.

  • Hit The Beach in Grand Traverse

    Where to find great food for an afternoon at one of three different Traverse City beaches. Included are Long Lake beach, West End beach and Bryant Park.

  • Fishing Interlochen’s Lake Dubonnet

    Lake Dubonnet, just a short drive from Traverse City, offers absolute seclusion and thriving populations of pike, perch, bluegills and bass.

  • Petoskey and Harbor Springs Skiing at Boyne Highlands and Nub's Nob

    Details of what skiers will find at Boyne Highlands and Nub’s Nob, both located in the Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Little Traverse region.

  • Beach It in Elk Rapids

    Where to go to a Lake Michigan beach and swim in Elk Rapids, as well as spots to eat and shop at before and after the beach.

  • Explore the Old Mission Peninsula

    Scenic drive to the end of the 22-mile Old Mission Peninsula, including stops for food, hikes and scenic overlooks.

  • Confession of a Carp Fisher

    A trout snob and fly-fishing obsessive gets drawn into the cult of carp.

  • Six Island Escapes

    Six island escapes in Lake Michigan, each offering its own charms. Included are Drummond Island, Mackinac Island, Republic Island, Isle Royale, Boblo Island, North Manitou island.

  • Sylvania Paddling Resources

    Campgrounds, permits and outfitters for people wanting to canoe, kayak or paddle the Sylvania Wildnerness Area in the Ottawa National Forest.