Recent and Featured Outdoors Articles

  • Hop the Ferry to South Manitou Island

    Hop the ferry out of Leland to South Manitou island where you can hike, learn about the history, hit the beach and camp.

  • Superb Copper Harbor Day Paddles

    Copper Harbor, day-trip along the Lake Superior Coast and on an inland lake, kayaking or paddling.

  • Dune Wonder

    Varied dune ecology can be found in Grand Sable Dunes, Sleeping Bear Dunes and Nordhouse Dunes, including pitcher’s thistle, piping plover and wolf spider.

  • Lazy Day In Frankfort

    A Frankfort day includes shopping, biking, beaches and a sunset at Point Betsie Lighthouse.

  • Two Basic Single-hook Fishing Rigs

    Instructions for tying a hook, line and sinker , putting on bait and fishing for panfish.

  • Wendy Wagoner, Savior of Native Plants

    Interview with Wendy Wagoner who helped establish the Eastern Upper Peninsula Northern Wild Plant and Seed Cooperative: to promote, propagate and protect native plants.

  • Explore Wilderness State Park

    Hikes through Wilderness State Park lead through meadows, creeks, forests and the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Stay the night in a rustic cabin or at one of 250 modern campsites.

  • Lake Michigan’s Vanishing Shrimp

    Throughout the Great Lakes bottomland, the diporeia, a key piece of the food chain, is disappearing. Scientists try to discover why.

  • Bike Beaver Island

    A day of biking Lake Michigan’s Beaver Island including where to eat.

  • Hepatica acutiloba

    Description of the early bloomer, Hepatica acutiloba.

  • Golf The Traverse City Great Ones

    Overview of golf courses in and around Traverse City including Jack Nicklaus’ The Bear, Gary Player’s The Wolverine and Tom Doak’s High Pointe.

  • Kayak The Crystal River

    Paddle, kayak, canoe or tube the gentle current of the Crystal River in Glen Arbor.

  • Plan Carefully to Paddle Lake Superior

    Outfitters, guides, rentals as well as radio weather channels all help to make Lake Superior kayaking or paddling in the Keweenaw a safe experience.

  • 3 Ways to One-of-a-kind Camping

    Three ways to spend the night in one of Michigan’s State forests and parks, including teepees and campgrounds in Twin Lakes State Park and Fife Lake State Forest.

  • Kayak Les Cheneaux

    Les Cheneaux Islands offer a kayaker’s paradise, 36 islands sprinkled along 12 miles of Lake Huron shoreline.

  • The Secret to Getting Your Fish Off the Hook

    The secret to getting a fish off the hook.

  • Our Endangered Dragonfly

    Experts from around the country gather in one mucky patch of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to unravel the mystery of the Hines emerald dragonfly.

  • Hike to a Swimming Hole

    Trails in Antrim, Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore and Traverse City where you can hike to a place to swim.

  • Mapping the Diporeia Vanishing Point

    Maps shows that while diporeia have existed in Lake Michigan for 11,000 years, they are nearly gone in the course of a decade.

  • Bike Northport

    A bike trip out of Northport that includes sweeping views and a visit to the Grand Traverse Lighthouse.