Recent and Featured Fish Articles

  • Icons of the Fly Vest: Adams Fly

    Another Michigan fly tricking fish around the planet

  • Elegant Adventure Trifecta: Wine, Dine and Fly Fish

    Dining on the Fly hosts a great Traverse City package for groups.

  • Fish from a Kayak

    Where to fish from your kayak in the Traverse City region, plus expert tips

  • Traverse Classics: Vanishing Point of the Coaster Brook Trout

    Traverse Classic: This stream is the final spawning site on the mainland US for the coaster brook trout, one of the most glorious fishes in the Great Lakes.

  • coaster brook trout Saving Michigan’s Coaster Brook Trout

    The only two places the coaster brook breeds in the United States is two locations in the Lake Superior watershed, specifically, in a small tributary near Big Bay called the Salmon Trout River, and about 120 miles northwest of there in streams and on shoals of Isle Royale. Those estimated 400 adults are all the breeders our nation has. Some people want to change that before it’s too late.

  • Saving the Coaster Brook Trout

    Researchers are working to save the endangered Coaster Brook Trout.

  • Salmon Running!

    Chinook salmon swim by the thousands out of Lake Michigan and up T.C.’s Boardman River to spawn in nearly the exact location they were born.

  • Trout Live Better in Trees

    Ken Reed tells why big stuff in the river is good for fish.

  • Mike, the Trout King

    Thoughts from the new ruler of our trout realm, Michael Delp.

  • Fishing Forecast for Trout Opener

    Kirk Novak, owner of The Northern Angler, shares his prognostication for the start of Michigan’s trout fishing season.

  • New Rule Helps Keep Lake Invaders Out

    St. Lawrence Seaway tightens rules for ballast water on oceangoing ships to protect the Great Lakes.

  • Refusing Spring

    All too often, they wait too long, and their shanties sink to become boats that must be paddled home.

  • Checking in: Brenda Archambo, Sturgeon General

    The chief of Black River’s sturgeon patrol shares why she’s excited about the river-run of the giant fish this year.

  • Endangered Species Decision Could Affect Mine

    Concern for the coaster brook trout could require more stringent standards at a proposed U.P. mine.

  • Battle Plan to Halt Fish Killer’s Advance

    National parks and Grand Portage tribe band together to prevent the spread of viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS) to Lake Superior fish.

  • Beat the Big Melt

    When it comes to fishing shanties, don’t mess with thin ice.

  • Tour Oden’s Fish Hatchery

    Take a tour of the Oden State Fish Hatchery, north of Petoskey, which incubates, raises and releases 1,000,000 fish into Michigan’s streams, rivers and lakes.

  • Fishtown Preservation Society

    Profile of the efforts of the Fishtown Preservation Society to purchase Fishtown and their hopes to create a working history fishing port.

  • Fishing Interlochen’s Lake Dubonnet

    Lake Dubonnet, just a short drive from Traverse City, offers absolute seclusion and thriving populations of pike, perch, bluegills and bass.

  • Ludington's Big Lake Fishing

    30-pound king salmon can be found in the waters of Lake Michigan and charter boat captains out of Ludington’s port can help you snag one.