Recent and Featured Camp Articles

  • Video Outdoors 101: Knots Every Outdoor Person Should Know Part 2

    In Part 2 of our video series “Knots Every Outdoor Person Should Know,” we focus on the bowline on a bight and the trucker’s hitch.

  • Outdoors 101: Building a Basic Tarp Structure

    In this video you learn how to use a tarp to build a basic shelter that protects you from rain, snow, wind and sun.

  • jordan river Overnight Hike and Camp in the Jordan River Valley

    Easy hike and overnight camp in the Jordan River Valley, an 18,000-acre, wild landscape in Antrim County offering spectacular views, The Jordan River Pathway (an 18-mile trail), and the first river in Michigan to be named a federal Wild and Scenic River.

  • Outdoors 101: Building a Fire

    There’s an art and a science to building a good fire outside. It’s easy if you do it right. Really.

  • Video: View the Majesty of Tahquamenon Falls in the Upper Peninsula

    Watch a video of Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan’s second largest park with 45,000 acres and two of Michigan’s most beautiful waterfalls.

  • Bonfire Cooking: Breakfast in a Bag

    Watch a step-by-step demonstration at Grass River Natural Area, just outside Bellaire, on how to cook breakfast in a bag at a bonfire.

  • Outdoors 101: Knots Every Outdoor Person Should Know Part 1

    Knot-tying is an invaluable skill whether in the woods of Northern Michigan or on a boat in Lake Michigan. In this edition of Outdoors 101, we teach two basic knots.

  • Ludington State Park Explore Ludington State Park

    You can’t go wrong whether you wander the moss-covered Island Trail, take the short hike to the Big Sable Point Lighthouse or paddle the canoe trail.

  • how to build a Quinzee How To Build A Quinzee, an Easy Winter Shelter

    Learn to build a snow shelter in this short video shot near Traverse City, Michigan.

  • camping on lake michigan Coastal Camping on Lake Michigan and Beyond

    Ahh, September. Crowds leave; warmth stays. Time to score on those sweet, finally-available campsites right by a big-lake shore. Here are five we’d recommend to our friends.

  • Biking and Camping Grand Island’s Big Beauty

    Biking Grand Island, the largest island on Lake Superior’s south shore, offers big beauty, big trails and a stunning sense of quiet.

  • Free Michigan Camping? Here’s How.

    This may be your recipe for a perfect summer vacation.