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  • Balloon Kyphoplasty Can Mean No More Back Pain

    Vertebra can break or slump down because you slung too much snow in that shovel or just due to age. It used to mean immobility but balloon kyphoplasty, done at Munson Medical Center, can have you waking up pain free.

  • Green Homes More in Demand, Realtors Study Up

    The Traverse Area Association of Realtors develops a nationally recognized class to help agents navigate the “green” marketplace for their clients.

  • Michigan kids discover nature through a camera in Parks in Focus program

    A week in the Upper Peninsula with cameras in hand helps youth discover the joy and mysteries of nature.

  • Cutting Edge Healthcare: Reduce Your Leg Pain, Maybe Save Your Life

    Dr. Roberto Corpus, of Munson Medical Center, explains a procedure that removes plaque from arteries that not only reduces leg pain overnight but can actually save your life.

  • Real Estate: Affordability Is Now

    The Housing Opportunity Index holds good news for home buyers in Michigan.

  • Cutting Edge Healthcare: Your Information's There When They Need It

    Northern Michigan may be relatively small in population but it is cutting edge when it comes to your healthcare. Here’s the first way these medical innovations are helping you: Your medical information’s on hand when a doctor needs it.

  • Music Is in the Air at Petoskey’s Bay View. Listen In.

    Bay View’s Classical Jam Band Camp director, Ranaan Meyer, double bassist for Time for Three, introduces us to the camp and accompanies a visual tour of the beautiful, turn-of-the-century Methodist retreat in Petoskey with a rendition of “Amazing Grace” on the double bass.

  • Earthy Home Style Picks—and Earth-Friendly

    It can be a challenge to bridge interior design styles from one season to the next, but these earthy—and earth-friendly—delights send summer off in style.

  • The Not So Big Cottages of Walloon Lake

    Builder Jim Meathe and architect Greg Presley designed new cottages on Walloon Lake that bring back traditional Victorian and farmhouse styles in updated houses with small footprints.

  • kir cocktail A Flowery Twist on the Kir Cocktail

    Floating pansy flowers when serving kir cocktails, makes this cocktail beautiful as well as delicious.

  • Ten Reasons Why a Cottage LLC Makes Sense

    Good succession planning when organizing your estate can make all the difference when passing your cottage, cabin or family home onto the next generation. Here are ten reasons to consider a Cottage LLC.

  • Danny Forster's Cool, Green House

    The charismatic star of Discover Channel’s Build It Bigger builds a house in Omena that is smaller, greener and brimming with innovation.

  • Bonfire Cooking: Breakfast in a Bag

    Watch a step-by-step demonstration at Grass River Natural Area, just outside Bellaire, on how to cook breakfast in a bag at a bonfire.

  • Leelanau County Home Blends into Lake Michigan Dunes

    Ben Begley and Kathleen Wills designed a house using organics and careful site selection that results in a gorgeous Leelanau County home going incognito on the Lake Michigan shoreline.

  • The Ultimate Up North Kitchen Tour 2009

    Here’s a peak at what’s in store on the Ultimate Up North Kitchen Tour 2009, produced by Northern Home & Cottage and National Kitchen & Bath Association, sponsored by Wooden Hammer and Fustini’s Oils and Vinegars.

  • Saving the Family (and the) Cottage

    The cottage that draws a family together can be the very thing that breaks it apart, but Stuart Hollander’s succession planning guide. Saving the Family Cottage, shows you how it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Northern Michigan Style: Big, Bold and Bright for Summer

    Items for cottage life including a chair and pillows from Anchor Cottage in Suttons Bay and water resistant bins and a Vera Bradley apron from The Front Porch in Suttons Bay.

  • Greg Presley's Little Cottage on Walloon Lake

    Architect Greg Presley used big strokes to make his cottage on Walloon Lake, near Petoskey, just big enough.

  • Tim Hinkley: The Man Behind Traverse City's National Cherry Festival

    Tim Hinkley prepares for the 2009 National Cherry Festival which kicks off in Traverse City July 4.

  • Dedicating the Discovery Center

    Traverse City’s Rotary Club gathers in honor of a new home for water-focused nonprofit organizations.