Recent and Featured Medical & Health Articles

  • Traverse City's Munson Named Top 100 Hospitals in U.S.

    Munson Medical Center, in Traverse City, is named in the Top 100 hospitals in the U.S. for 11th time by Thomson Reuters and also wins the Thomson Reuters Everest Award.

  • Northern Michigan Medical Resource Guide

    Your directory to health care providers Up North.

  • Good News for Women's Healthcare in Northern Michigan

    Northern Michigan Regional Hospital in Petoskey has ramped up its commitment to women’s health care, including installing a breast MRI.

  • Balloon Kyphoplasty Can Mean No More Back Pain

    Vertebra can break or slump down because you slung too much snow in that shovel or just due to age. It used to mean immobility but balloon kyphoplasty, done at Munson Medical Center, can have you waking up pain free.

  • Cutting Edge Healthcare: Reduce Your Leg Pain, Maybe Save Your Life

    Dr. Roberto Corpus, of Munson Medical Center, explains a procedure that removes plaque from arteries that not only reduces leg pain overnight but can actually save your life.

  • Cutting Edge Healthcare: Your Information's There When They Need It

    Northern Michigan may be relatively small in population but it is cutting edge when it comes to your healthcare. Here’s the first way these medical innovations are helping you: Your medical information’s on hand when a doctor needs it.

  • Petoskey: A Big Push To Get Kids Outdoors

    Petoskey area organizations come together to get kids back outside.

  • Ten Steps to Healthier Living from Oryana in Traverse City

    Oryana Natural Foods Market, a long-time resource for Traverse City residents, shares simple tips for improving your health this year.

  • Best Docs Reception in Traverse City, Michigan

    More than 200 physicians and health care practitioners celebrate the strengths of the health care Up North

  • H2O and Your Bod

    Keep happy and hydrated outdoors.

  • Spring Romp with Your Pooch

    Take a long-awaited spring hike with your dog.

  • Eat Purple for Your Health

    The healthy attributes of blueberries and many deep-hued and purple-hued foods results because they are teeming with antioxidants called anthocyanins.

  • Shoulder Season

    Tips for getting in shape for the paddling season.