Recent and Featured Home & Cottage Articles

  • Growing Leeks

    Instructions for growing leeks in your garden.

  • Curb Appeal

    Ideas for creating curb appeal for a house including exterior paint colors, stone accents and native species landscaping.

  • A New Style for the North

    Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine’s art director, Diane Kolak, designed a new style for the North, a rustic modern home in Traverse City featuring the soothing views and colors of nature with cutting edge style.

  • Build a Birch Log Mantel

    How to build a fireplace mantle out of birch logs.

  • Resources For: The Healing House in Leelanau County

    A list of the professionals who worked on a new lakefront house featuring color and simplicity in Leelanau County, including the architect, the builder, landscaper and interior designer, many from Traverse City.

  • Add a Splash of Color to Spring

    A collection of style choices that add color and style to home decor in spring.

  • Resources For: A Farmhouse Reborn

    Resource list including the builder, interior decorator, landscaper and more for a home in Harbor Springs.

  • Let Indian summer linger

    A list of products inspired by nature and the smells of summer.

  • Resources For: Stairway to Heaven

    A list of the professionals, including the architect, appliance supplier, custom ironworks, window and cabinetry suppliers for the Pentwater home high on a bluff.

  • Resources For: A Kitchen For Cooks

    The list of professionals who worked on a sleek and functional kitchen, including the designer, contractor and lighting, appliances and paint suppliers.

  • The Pro File: Mark Miller

    Interview with glass expert Mark Miller.

  • Resources For: Lilies of Her Field

    List of suppliers who contributed to a garden on the Betsie River.

  • The Up North Game Room

    Game rooms with an Up North rustic flare.

  • Resources For Built for the Boughs Outside Traverse City

    A list of the professionals, including the architect, builder, landscaper, and suppliers for a house on Spider Lake, just outside Traverse City, built high into the foliage of surrounding trees.

  • Recipe: Milk and Honey Bath

    Recipe for a Milk and Honey Bath.

  • Sun, Stucco and Style

    Profile of a home designed with light, energy-efficiency and style in mind.

  • Resources For: Fit for a White Picket Fence

    List of the professionals who worked on a Northport cottage including interior design, landscape, paint, millwork and applicances.

  • Resources For: Organics and The New Classic

    A list of the professionals, including the architect, builder, kitchen designer and landscaper, who worked on a new home in Harbor Springs that used organic materials and deep colors to create the new classic cottage.

  • Resources For Cabin Life, Chapter Two

    A list of the professionals, including the builder, and the window, furniture and tile suppliers for this new home construction in Platte Lake.

  • Big Lake Beach House

    Two professors build a Lake Michigan cottage to escape their hectic life in the city.