Recent and Featured Beautiful Homes Articles

  • Architect Ken Richmond's Redo of His 1870 Traverse City Home

    Step inside architect Ken Richmond’s renovation of his own Traverse City house, circa 1870, and see what kitchen designer Scott Lankford brought to the project.

  • A Traverse City Building 50 Kitchen Redo

    This kitchen renovation at Building 50 in Traverse City takes advantage of the building’s 19th century charm.

  • Designing a Kitchen For Styles of Different Cooks

    Kitchen designer Nancy Blanford designed a Walloon Lake kitchen that fits the individual style of every cook in the family.

  • A Vintage Kitchen Revealed on Lake Charlevoix

    A 1970’s remodel did its best to cover up this vintage cottage kitchen on Lake Charlevoix, but the owners, designer Robin Berry and builder Marty Ernst reclaimed its soul. See it on the 2009 Ultimate Up North Kitchen Tour.

  • An Old Walloon Lake Cabin Near Petoskey Gets a New Kitchen

    The Vicks loved their old North log-and-chink cabin on Walloon Lake near Petoskey. The kitchen? Not so much. Here’s what they did with the help of Northern Michigan Hardwoods.

  • The Not So Big Cottages of Walloon Lake

    Builder Jim Meathe and architect Greg Presley designed new cottages on Walloon Lake that bring back traditional Victorian and farmhouse styles in updated houses with small footprints.

  • Danny Forster's Cool, Green House

    The charismatic star of Discover Channel’s Build It Bigger builds a house in Omena that is smaller, greener and brimming with innovation.

  • Leelanau County Home Blends into Lake Michigan Dunes

    Ben Begley and Kathleen Wills designed a house using organics and careful site selection that results in a gorgeous Leelanau County home going incognito on the Lake Michigan shoreline.

  • Greg Presley's Little Cottage on Walloon Lake

    Architect Greg Presley used big strokes to make his cottage on Walloon Lake, near Petoskey, just big enough.

  • Petoskey Area Cottage Rebuild

    No one in Indian River wanted to see the old cottage at the river mouth torn down. Then they saw the new one the Biddingers built in its place.

  • Beautiful, Light Carbon Footprint Makeover in Glen Arbor

    An inside-out renovation turns a 1990’s cottage into a sleek, efficient escape fit for this decade and beyond.

  • Self-Renovation in Charlevoix

    Bob Riesenberger transformed a dumpy Charlevoix cottage into cozy incarnate. Then he gave his career a makeover.

  • A Moving Experience: Harbor Springs

    A historic Harbor Springs farmhouse is reborn on the beach, 18 miles from its previous perch.

  • Inner Chic Remodel in Traverse City

    Who says an old house can’t kick up its heels?

  • New England Sensibilities in Leelanau County Home

    If the Amoses’ Leelanau County farmhouse had been built in 1800, this is what it would have looked like.

  • From Brady Bunch to Hip in Petoskey

    A stylish young designer takes on her Brady Bunch–era home in Petoskey and turns it into a hip hideaway.

  • The Chameleon House's Perch Above Lake Michigan

    With its lean profile and modern mien, the Brondyk home captures the Lake Michigan view and creates an unexpected and captivating presence along a Leelanau County two-lane.With its lean profile and modern mien, the Brondyk home creates an unexpected and
    captivating presence along a Leelanau County two-lane.

  • Lucky Shot in Oscoda County

    After a long hunt, this couple hits the bull’s-eye with this Northern Michigan quintessential getaway.

  • Up North Industrial on East Grand Traverse Bay

    An urban minimalist design (with a rustic soul) fits in at the beach in Traverse City.

  • Pint-Sized & Perfect

    A retired New York executive fits his Crystal Lake life into a very small cottage and lives happily ever after.