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Retail Sales Coordinator

Bear Lake, MI


Posted on September 1, 2017

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About Retail Sales Coordinator


The Retail Coordinator provides a “bridge” between Retail Operations and the systems that support this function. They are responsible, as an on-site presence, to assimilate newly-purchased stores onto BCOC systems and related procedures. They participate in projects to produce new/changed system functionality. They support usage of existing technology at the c-store level, including training of new management personnel. They operate as a “functional manager”, specifically in the environments of new store acquisition; training of new management personnel; and new/updated store operations practices, especially involving store systems. #CA


  • Bachelor’s degree in the field of Business and experience in a retail sales environment or an acceptable combination of education and relative experience.

  • Advanced working knowledge of convenience store operational and management processes, including usage of various aspects of the related technology.

  • Understanding of relationship between store-level systems and other company/external systems and functions.

  • Demonstrated skills in:

  • Communication, both written and verbal, including presentations

  • Training system users

  • Problem solving

  • Planning, organization, and time management

  • Leading and effectively organizing the activities of others

  • Working independently, collaboratively, and as part of a team.

  • Ability to develop and maintain user procedure documentation.

  • Ability to install, and in some cases configure, certain basic c-store equipment.

  • Knowledge in relevant portions of BCOC’s back-office application, both host and site level.


  • Requires on-call availability for support outside of normal business hours. Work may be performed from home or on-site as necessary.

  • Requires the physical ability to ascend/descend step ladders, reach, lift (up to ~25 pounds), and work under desks or shelves.

  • Requires frequent travel within driving distance and occasional airline travel, both potentially including overnight stays.

  • Requires adherence to safety procedures.

  • Requires flexibility and willingness to adapt to changing technical/business environments and to assume additional/modified responsibilities, commensurate with the environment.

Major Duties / Responsibilities

  1. Training: Educate c-store management in usage of BCOC Retail systems, including point-of-sale; basic personal computer & office equipment functions (e-mail, word processing, shared folders, document print/scan/fax, etc.); “back-office” software application and Daily Reporting; merchandise receiving and other functions using handheld scanner; shelf label creation; back-room equipment (network, POS, etc.); fuel management; and special store-specific functions (e.g., car wash, grocer rewards, etc.). Ensure store management understanding of standard procedures in the retail systems & operations area. Coordinate/set-up application user security. Create and update training requirements/materials as needed.

  2. Support: Central first-stop resource for store systems issues, to answer questions and resolve. May escalate to appropriate resources for second-level support/involvement or redirect for issues out of scope of responsibility.

  3. Store Acquisitions: On-site leadership for assimilation of newly acquired store into BCOC systems. Install and verify operation of certain store equipment, e.g., PC, scanners, label printer, all-in-one. Coordinate with VASC and other BCOC functions, assisting with transition of various operational systems and data (i.e., lottery, payment network, company fleet card, POS, pricebook, merchandise/fuel inventory, shelf labeling, etc.). Train store management and staff on operation of all appropriate equipment/systems and related procedures.

  4. Projects: Participate in new development and initiatives, representing the c-store operations function and its relationship to other BCOC-internal and external functions. Create new procedure documentation.

  5. Complete company (personal) training within required timelines.

ID: 2017-4310

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