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Pharmacy Tech III

Traverse City, MI


Posted on July 24, 2017

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About Pharmacy Tech III

Pharmacy Tech III

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Munson Medical Center

Traverse City, MI






Rotating shift





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ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Full Pharmacy Technician License issued by the State of Michigan. Pharmacy Technician Associate of Arts Degree (2-year program) from a community college and/or equivalent pharmacy training and experience with a hospital emphasis preferred. Three-thousand 3000 hours as a Pharmacy Tech II Sterile Product Specialist at Munson Medical Center preferred. Time management and prioritizing skills. Proficiently performs all Tech I, Tech II, and at least two Tech II Specialist job duties, including sterile product preparation. Currently involved in at least two areas of specialization. Numerical comprehension and mathematical skills. Proven mentor/trainer. Ability to communicate verbally, comprehend verbal or written instructions, and have good telephone etiquette. Ability to work independently. Ability to organize or motivate others. Skilled at problem solving high workload demands due to increased work or reduced staffing. Has not been in a second step of corrective action process for 24 months. If at any point during employment as a Tech III the second step of the corrective action is reached the employee will be reduced to a Tech II or a Tech II Specialist and their pay will revert back into commeasurable Tech II/Tech II Specialist pay scale. ORGANIZATION: Provides instructions to technician II and technician I classifications to assure completion of pharmaceutical care duties. Under supervision of the Pharmacy Manager and the Technician Coordinator. May receive instructions from Director, Pharmacy Managers, or Pharmacy Team Leader. Daily activities are set forth but not limited by a responsibility list and monitored by general and direct supervision from the staff and clinical pharmacists as well as the Technician Coordinator. All medications prepared or obtained for dispensing must be prepared under the supervision of and checked by a Registered Pharmacist. Performs the final check of some products as delegated by the pharmacist under specific written guidelines. Has daily working contact with many other hospital personnel from various departments. SPECIFIC DUTIES: 1. Supports the Mission, Vision and Values of Munson Healthcare. 2. Embraces and supports the Performance Improvement philosophy of Munson Healthcare. 3. Promotes personal and patient safety. 4. Uses effective customer service/interpersonal skills at all times. 5. Able to perform as assigned, all Tech I, II, and Tech II Specialist IV duties, plus a minimum of one additional Tech II Specialist job function. 6. Plans a training schedule, assures completion of a training/orientation checklist, and verifies competency for new employees. 7. Performs nursing unit inspections according to State Board of Pharmacy and the Joint Commission expectations as assigned. 8. Works under the direction and supervision of a pharmacist in the preparation of parenteral sterile products and other related products as assigned. 9. Schedules, performs TPN automix computer entry check after order is entered by pharmacist, and prepares TPN solutions after final verification and check by a pharmacist. 10. Performs specialized manufacturing as assigned by a pharmacist. 11. May rotate through all pharmacy locations. (Basement, B2, OR, ED, and, Home Infusion) 12. Assists in the planning of providing pumps and supplies for home infusion patients by working closely with nurses, physician’s offices, pharmacists, and patients. 13. Performs hospital/departmental quality assurance and productivity assignments. 14. Follows proper hand hygiene and abide with hand hygiene policies at all times, including cleaning hands between each patient room. 15. Maintains competency in an assigned specialty area(s) of pharmaceutical service and able to cover that area when needed. 16. Performs the final check on floor stock, certain internal emergency kits, comfort kits/trays, and other stock/kits/trays as authorized. 17. Performs technician scheduling and/or reassigns technical staff to accommodate high workload or reduced staffing levels. 18. Participates in annual inventory. 19. Participates in hospital committees as assigned. 20. Will work as a team to ensure duties in areas of high workload and/or staff shortages are covered. 21. Assists in the planning of providing pumps and supplies for home infusion patients by working closely with nurses, provider offices, pharmacists, and patients. 22. Answers the telephone, takes messages, and transfers information to appropriate individuals. 23. Knowledge of HIPAA and patient confidentiality regulations as it pertains to Home Infusion therapy patients. 24. Process controlled substance requests, which includes monitoring 24 hours administration sheets, problem solving of discrepancies, and weekly inventory of Schedule II substances. 25. Performs all other duties as assigned.

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