Recent and Featured Ludington Articles

  • Diary: Ceil Heller’s first day at the Ludington lighthouse

    Follow along as Ceil Heller shares her work-week at the Ludington Lighthouse.

  • Diary: Ceil Heller’s stay as a lighthouse keeper

    Read daily updates as Ceil Heller leaves her day job as an emergency room nurse to play lighthouse keeper at the Ludington Light for nearly two weeks.

  • Sailing Lake Michigan on the S.S. Badger

    The fun is in the getting there on this car ferry that runs from Ludington, Michigan, to Manitowoc, Wisconsin (and back).

  • Ludington’s Blu Moon Café

    The Cunic family created just the right kind of splash with Blu Moon Café in this historic Lake Michigan town.

  • The Life of Ludington's Cartier Mansion

    Ludington’s Cartier Mansion Bed and Breakfast is an opulent legacy of the North’s timber-rich history, but the tale of the timber magnate who built it is richer still.