Parking and Restrooms at the National Cherry Festival

The National Cherry Festival is one of the busiest times of the year in Traverse City, and finding parking can take more time than usual. Here are some helpful hints on parking and navigating the downtown Traverse City area during the week of this Northern Michigan festival. And if you have kiddies tagging along with you, it’s important to know where the public restrooms are. Here’s a list of parking and public restrooms at the National Cherry Festival in order to have a hassle free and enjoyable Northern Michigan vacation.

Parking in Traverse City for the National Cherry Festival

There are several parking lots around the downtown Traverse City area. Most of the parking spots in the downtown area are metered and either have a two-hour, four-hour or 10-hour maximum. If you have a smartphone be sure to download the ParkMobile app so that you can skip the hassle of feeding your meter and do it straight from your phone.

The Larry C. Hardy Parking Deck (303 E State St.) and the Old Town Parking Deck (125 E Eighth St.) are some of the most affordable parking options in town. The Larry C. Hardy Deck costs $1.00 an hour with a 10-hour maximum. The Old Town Parking Deck is also $1.00 an hour with a 10-hour maximum, except for the first floor which is open 24 hours and has a 4-hour maximum.

The National Cherry Festival Website suggests the usage of By The Bay Transportation to get from your hotel or residence to the Festival itself. By The Bay Transportation is a full passenger shuttle service providing quick and easy transportation from your hotel, motel, resort or residence, and all area airports, shopping and attractions. Visit their website for more information.

Public Bathrooms for the Traverse City National Cherry Festival

Clinch Park: 161 E Grandview Parkway

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Traverse City Convention & Vistor’s Bureau: 101 West Grandview Parkway (at Union Street)

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Chamber of Commerce: 202 East Grandview Parkway (at Union Street)

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BATA Transit Center: 115 Hall Street

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History Center of Traverse City: 322 Sixth Street

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