7 Northern Michigan Summer Camps for Kids

Let those fledgling children spread their wings at a Northern Michigan camp—and get a little vacation for yourself, too.  Here are 7 Northern Michigan summer camps inculcating a love of the outdoors and the arts:


Torch Lake from Camp Hayo-Went-Ha

Torch Lake from Camp Hayo-Went-Ha

Camp Hayo-Went-Ha

  • With a girl’s camp located on Lake Arbutus and the boys stationed on 600 acres adjacent to Torch Lake, these YMCA-operated camps have over a century of experience to draw on to make for superb camping experiences.  These rustic camps are technology-free—meaning your kids can appreciate a life without Instagram and OnDemand.  Featuring the rigmarole of activities—high ropes, swimming (even SCUBA lessons for the lads), sports (equestrian for the lasses), high ropes courses and wilderness lessons—Hayo-Went-Ha pulls out all the stops for a fun and educational summer camp experience.  Visit HayoWentHa.org for more details.

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp

  • Located on 1,400 acres in the Manistee National Forest and on Little Blue Lake, the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp has offered art instruction for students of music and the fine arts for nearly 50 years.  Open to students from the 5th grade through high school, with programs ideal for students who are relatively new to their instruments and extended stay-aways.  Visit BlueLake.org for more information.
Campers at Camp Daggett

Campers at Camp Daggett

Camp Daggett

  • ←Since 1925, Camp Daggett has been a retreat for campers looking to enjoy Northern Michigan’s great outdoors.  With 1,400 feet on Walloon Lake near Petoskey, the normal day is one of sailing, swimming, climbing…in a word, the good stuff, all jammed in to one of eight week-long stays.  Visit CampDaggett.com for more information; interested applicants should jump on the waiting list, as summer sessions for boys and girls are already full to the gills.

Camp Lookout

  • Located six miles south of Frankfort, Camp Lookout is located on a wooded, hilly peninsula bounded by Lower Herring Lake and Lake Michigan. The adventure begins right away when the only way to get to camp is by boat! Activities include sailing, kayaking, canoeing, horseback riding, mountain biking, art, sports skills, etc. or may include things like creating a large outdoor sculpture, organizing a theme meal, working on a creative writing project, and more. Evenings are filled with games such as Capture the Flag, Windego Island, talent night, fantasy night, or a campfire. lookoutsummer.com/

Crystalaire Adventures

  • This camp experience emerges kids into outdoor adventures including backpacking Isle Royale, an Ontario River Wilds trip, backpacking the Manitou Islands and more. Crystalaire Adventures offers the chance for teens to step away from it all, test themselves and bond with their group of adventurers. lookoutsummer.com/programs/crystalaire-adventures/

Camp Walden

  • Discover the Walden Way near Cheboygan!  At Camp Walden, your kids will take part in the camp talent show, windsurfing and other watersports, hike through 150 acres of woods near the spring-fed Long Lake and chow down on Walden (in)famous cinnamon toast.  Visit CampWaldenMi.com for more information.

Interlochen Arts Camp

  • Whether your child is a focused prodigy or simply wants to learn more about art—and discover themselves—Interlochen Arts Camp provides art-focused summer stay programs for kids from the 3rd through the 12th grade.  While renowned as a mecca for classical music and theater studies, Interlochen also offers world-class programs for aspiring photographers and visual artists.  Visit Interlochen.org for more information.

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