Video: Lake Michigan Ice Caves Off the Coast of Leelanau in Northern Michigan

MyNorth vidoegrapher Kris Riley trekked a third of a mile to video the two-story high Lake Michigan ice caves off the coast of Leelanau County in Northern Michigan, north of the town of Leland. For days, crowds of awe-struck people have flocked to the shore to explore these magnificent natural formations that tower and arch in rugged glory after one of the coldest, stormiest winters in decades. If you aren’t one of the thousands who have slipped and slid out to this once-in-a-lifetime phenomena, you will want to see this video. And if you did make your way out there, sit back and enjoy it all over again.

PLEASE NOTE: Tom Skowronski, of Leelanau County’s Office of Emergency Management, has announced that as of Friday, February 21st, wind has moved some surface ice away from beach, and open water is visible within feet of the caves.  There are now large cracks in the arches and they are expected to start collapsing soon.  The melting and ice shifts have rendered the area unsafe.  Please do not enter onto the ice; instead, enjoy this video from the comfort of the great indoors.

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Article Comments

  • Izzi Zi

    I did enjoy the video from the comfort of my home. Thank you for producing a video of such an important event.

  • Melissa Rena Russell

    Just so gorgeous!