Lake Charlevoix Wedding on a Water Platform


Kelsey Poineau and Dillon Olmstead wanted to be married on the Lake Charlevoix beach at Kelsey’s parents’ home. Problem was, their 220 guests wouldn’t fit on their 100 feet of beachfront. It happens that Kelsey’s father, Andy Poineau, is one of the most creative and talented builders in Northern Michigan. So, Andy got to thinking: how about a platform that would extend from the beach into the water—a platform large enough to seat 220 guests under a tent?

Eleven days before the wedding, Andy and his crew began hammering out a 90-by-40-foot, fir plywood platform that extended into the shallow Lake Charlevoix water. Four days later, the platform was ready to be painted with a water-colored wash.

Check out the photo gallery of the Poineau-Olmstead below, then click to see more about this stunning wedding on photographer Jenna Roland’s blog. Make sure to notice photos of the three floating firepits. They were Andy’s idea and construction and tended all by kayakers especially assigned the duty.

These exquisite photos are courtesy of Jenna Roland Photography. Click for many more of Jenna Roland’s photos of the Poineau Olmstead wedding.

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