History Channel Follows Northern Michigan Treasure Seekers in Canada

History Channel follows Northern Michigan treasure seekers in Canada with the new outdoors adventure television series The Curse of Oak Island.

After 200 years of small discoveries hinting at an Oak Island buried treasure, the search on the wooded island off the Nova Scotia coast screeched to a stop. Now two brothers, Rich and Marty Lagina, originally from the Upper Peninsula‘s Kingsford, Michigan are resurrecting the infamous hunt. Marty Lagina lives in Traverse City.

Read about Traverse City’s Marty Lagina has he’s gone from Northern Michigan energy mogul to treasure hunter.

The roles of the team go something like this: Marty supplies the financial support from his successful career as an energy businessman, and brother Rick—heavily intrigued by the hunt since childhood—leads their pursuit of a lifetime. As co-owners of most of the island, the brothers have allied with a pair of permanent island-residents: a father-son treasure seeking team. But will Oak Island reveal her long-lusted secrets? See the latest on the band of adventurers every Sunday night at 10pm on the History Channel. For now, check out their page at history.com and see the first episode of the series here:


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