Shopping Charlevoix, Michigan


Shopping Charlevoix, Michigan, is a fabulous activity for a Northern Michigan vacation. The eclectic shops that line downtown Bridge Street (named for the bridge that raises to let boats between Round Lake and Lake Michigan) run the gamut from casual sportswear to sophisticated American and European decor. Here’s a menu of what you can expect shopping Charlevoix, Michigan.

John Cross Fisheries

Fresh white fish and other Great Lakes delicacies

209 Belvedere, Charlevoix, 231.547.2532


Treasure Chest

106 Park Ave, Charlevoix, 231.547.5433



Handcrafted home accessories from all over North America.

107 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.547.5820, Facebook


Round Lake Bookstore

405 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.547.2699, Facebook


American Spoon Foods

315 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.547.5222,


J. Phillips

317 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.547.6072, Facebook


Book World

407 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.547.2005,


Cycling Salamander

02217 US 31 S, Charlevoix, 231.547.2333,



Hot fashion & denim destination.

113 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.237.9183,


Otis Pottery

01691 M 66 N, East Jordan, 231.536.7856,


 Charlevoix Wear

Women’s Clothing Store

329 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.547.4369



Cool resort wear at cool prices.

305 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.237.0613,


Halfway to the Top


403 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.547.9808, Facebook


Cherry Republic

411 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.437.3600,


Bier Art Gallery

3500 US 31 S., Charlevoix, 231.547.2288,


Rocking Toy Horse

Unique toys for all ages.

220 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231-547-5258,


North Seas Gallery

19th and 20th century original paintings with a focus on Dutch art

237 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.547.0422, northseasgallery


Maison & Jardin

French Inspired clothes and home decor.

228 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.547.0550, Facebook


Round Lake Gallery

A creative fun place for art lovers of all kind.

325 Bridge St.,Charlevoix, 231.675.2117,


The Sunglass Shoppe

415 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.547.4730,


The Clothing Company

Clothers for Up Northerners since 1975

339 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.547,6361,


Aartvark Studio and Gallery

Art, photography, sculpture

413 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.547.2601,


Ellair & Company Art Gallery

Featuring local artists.

103 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.547.4655, Facebook


b. may bags

handmade artisan handbags made  in Northern Michigan from a wide variety of exotic materials.

208 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.622.4908,


GaGa for Kids

Clothing for children sized 0 to 8.

323 Bridge St.,Charlevoix, 231.547.1600, Facebook


Lit Fish Fine Art

Summer studio of artist John G. Posa, as well as print and painting gallery of other artists.

907 Bridge St., Charlevoix, 231.728.3687, Facebook


Mettler’s American Mercantile

Handpicked selection of American classic clothing and home decor

102 Michigan Ave., Charlevoix, 231.547.0222,

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