Easy Holiday Appetizers Using Northern Michigan Local Foods

Grab some flatbread, tostini, mini toasts or baguette and you’re half way there! Using Northern Michigan local foods, the very talented chefs at Northport‘s Epicure Catering bring you eight easy recipes for holiday entertaining. Appetizers all around, and all Michigan-made.

1. Blue cheese and Michigan Made Pickled Asparagus Fire Stix wrapped with prosciutto and topped with pickled roasted red peppers on crostini made with Stone House baguette.

2. Smoked whitefish topped with pickled shallots, capers, dill sprigs, radish and Brownwood Farms Kickin’ Kream Mustard on flatbread.

3. Prosciutto stuffed with Friske’s Balaton Cherry/Rhubarb preserves topped with arugula.

4. Amish or Maytag Blue cheese, American Spoon foods Honey Crisp Apple Conserve and sprigs of thyme on flatbread.

5. Sliced green apple with dry aged pork belly and American Spoon Foods Thimbleberry Jam on crostini.

6. Mini toasts with sliced radish, soppressata or Spanish chorizo, Food for Thought Strawberry Basil Jam

7. Mini toasts with blue cheese, and Michigan Made Pickled Asparagus Fire Stix.

8. Mini toasts with prosciutto, pickled roasted red piquillo peppers, Brownwood Farms Kickin’ Mustard and sprigs of rosemary.

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