The Unique and Picturesque Towns of Leelanau County

Lake Leelanau

Situated along the narrows—the channel connecting North Lake Leelanau and South Lake Leelanau—this tiny town is home to remarkable vacation treats: a popular century-old resort called Fountain Point, a new wine tasting room on the water, an elegant Italian restaurant, farm stands, boat launch and some of the county’s winery favorites. Labor Day weekend brings an annual blues music festival.


Tourist town meets fishing village in Leland, where upscale galleries and boutiques blend seamlessly with the harbor area called Fishtown—wooden docks with cedar-shake fishing shacks repurposed as souvenir shops and food stops. No stay’s complete without a pretzel bread sandwich at the Village Cheese Shanty or a sip of a Chubby Mary enjoyed at The Cove, along Leland’s river. Catch a charter fishing trip or a ferry to the Manitou Islands here.

Maple City

Originally called Pegtown Station, Maple City got its start as a shoe peg factory on several acres of maple timber. Tucked into the hilly countryside, this small town is home to the eponymous Pegtown Station restaurant (acclaimed pizza) and a classic small town grocery with on-site smokehouse.

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