Daily Archives: June 25, 2013

  • Northern Michigan Food & Wine: Fish Boil

    Northern Michigan Recipes: Have a fish boil on the beach and enjoy cooking over an open fire with this recipe from Jack Cross

  • small stream fishing Fishing Tiny Brooks Feeding Northern Michigan’s Legendary Trout Rivers

    Northern Michigan Outdoors: Word is the narrow waters are too small to fish. Bob Butz says word is wrong.

  • clinch park, traverse city Revealing a Redone Clinch Park in Traverse City

    After years of planning, Clinch Park in Traverse City is opened to the public at a ribbon cutting ceremony

  • Northern Michigan: Cherry and Wild Leek BBQ Spare Ribs

    Northern Michigan cherries and wild leek BBQ spare ribs with micro greens slaw created with local cherries and local produce. Perfect for the summer BBQ.

  • A Field of Poppies in McBain