2013 National Cherry Festival: Music & Entertainment at the 2013 Cherry Fest

Sunday, June 30th

Pepsi Bay Side Music Stage- Montgomery Gentry and The Kari Lynch Band

June 30, 2013, gates open at 6pm

Even if you aren’t a die-hard country fan, these sing-along lyrics and easy guitar notes are unquestionably a perpetual soundtrack to summer. Head to the Pepsi Bay Side Music Stage to listen to the fresh songs of Montgomery Gentry and the Kari Lynch Band. Two groups, both with serious marks on the country music scene. Maybe you’ll be inspired to roll down the windows and blast that country radio driving home. Gates open at 6pm on the second day of the Cherry Festival, June 30th

Arts and Crafts Fair

June 30, 2013, 10am-7pm

With more than 100 artists from across the Midwest, the Arts and Craft Fair could be a festival on its own. Poke in and out of the white tents along Union for a relaxing Sunday at the 2013 National Cherry Fest.

Kids Arts and Crafts

June 30, 2013, 11am-2pm

Keep the little ones entertained at the Kids' Arts and Crafts table at F&M Park. No registration is needed and they will leave with hands full of homemade cherry-themed souvenirs.

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