Daily Archives: June 14, 2013

  • Traverse City Shopping: Shop Korner Gem Jewelry

    Traverse City Shopping: Kevin Gauthier turned his passion for rock collecting into a business when he opened Korner Gem in 1997

  • Northern Michigan Shopping: The Leelanau Wave

    Bob Ryan is finally pursuing his passion of woodworking and with the help of his wife he started a company that sells his beautiful handmade serving boards in Northern Michigan

  • Northern Michigan Shopping: Higher Grounds Coffee Co.

    After spending a year with coffee farmers in Mexico, Chris Treter was inspired to start Higher Grounds Coffee Co. in Northern Michigan

  • Traverse City Shopping: Leelanau Candle Company

    Traverse City Shopping: Two sisters turned their signature Christmas presents into the perfect souvenirs from Northern Michigan

  • Traverse City Shopping: Deep Blue Coffee Company

    Traverse City Shopping: Chef and fishing boat captain, Ben Wolfe, blended his two passions when he created Deep Blue Coffee Company

  • Northern Michigan Shopping: Grocer's Daughter Chocolate

    Grocer’s Daughter’s new owners are excited to carry out the legacy of quality chocolates infused with local ingredients, after purchasing the brand from its founder

  • Northern Michigan Shopping: S&S Snowshoes

    Steve Hernker and Scott Griner were dedicated to Treadrite Snowshoes, after discovering the brand had gone out of business, they bought it themselves

  • Shop Indira Shea Lotions using Northern Michigan Local Ingredients

    Rose Anne Foley combined her passion for fair trade shea butter and cosmetics to found Indira Shea

  • Northern Michigan Festivals from Petoskey to Mackinaw City

    Northern Michigan Vacations: Outdoor concerts, local food, and plenty of energy to go around- plan a day trip around these hot summer festivals!

  • Belle Banquet Artistic Placemats for Your Table

    Rose Conger wanted to bring art and antiques to everyone’s dinner table, so she created Belle Banquet