Northern Michigan Life: Abused Mailboxes

Northern Michigan Living: In winter, Northern Michigan mailboxes suffer extreme abuse from snow thrown by snowplows. This picture shows ours. Like a resilient boxer in a tough fight, damaged but not down.

But the even cooler thing is that when I showed this image to my photographer friend Keith King (who I’m proud to say was at one time an intern at Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine), he revealed that he too has a love of mailboxes mauled by snowplow snow, and in fact, he even has an entire photo collection. Click this link below to check his pix—arrow to the right when you get there. Pretty funny. My favorite is the lavender box held on by a strap. (By the way, I’m not making an oblique political statement / metaphor about the state of the U.S. Postal service with this post.)

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