Northern Michigan's M-22 Makes the Wall Street Journal

Northern Michigan News: The Wall Street Journal picks up the case of whether Matt and Keegan Myers can declare the M-22 logo their own intellectual property.

Here's an excerpt from the story.


TRAVERSE CITY, Mich.—Matt and Keegan Myers built their apparel company on the idea that Michigan's scenic State Highway M-22 isn't just a road, but a way of life.

But the brothers insist it is also their intellectual property. Now they are scrambling to hold on to it.

The Myers brothers grew up along the northern shore of Lake Michigan where the outdoor lifestyle attracts thousands of vacationers each summer.

Almost 10 years ago, the brothers had a novel idea: to trademark the sign for the area's main highway, M-22, as a logo and expand their niche kite-boarding business into a …

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Article Comments

  • Anonymous

    M22- protecting what we love.

    Seven years ago we had an idea – create a brand that represents the “way of life” here in Northern Michigan. This was best represented by the feeling we had every time we were on M22. With no expectations to be where we are at today, we created a brand and turned the M22 sign into a logo. We gave a simple road sign, created by MDOT for purpose of providing navigational direction, an alternate meaning that didn’t exist before. We created a brand. The black square with white diamond, M, and numbering was turned in to a representation of something other than navigational direction.

    We understood that getting a brand going would take significant investment; therefore we first submitted our mark to the United States Patent and Trademark Office that regulates all trademarks. After thorough review, the Federal Government accepted our trademark request, and since then has helped protect our intellectual property. We have invested the time, energy, and funds needed to create a quality brand – a brand that utilizes local resources, creates local jobs in our region, promotes our state in a very positive way and donates 1% of every single item sold to the Leelanau Conservancy (largest land protector on M22).

    We would never stop anyone from using any “M” logo road sign for any reason as long as they are not using it in the exact same way we have for the past seven years. The M22 sign is available to any business or person who wants to use it the same way they have since the road was established in 1919. Should you wish to spin off our brand by changing the numbers in the logo or something, we highly suggest protecting your investment by utilizing the USPTO to ensure that you can protect your concept long into the future.

    We started this brand from nothing and with nothing but passion and hard work. We thank everyone that has ever supported us and helped build the M22 brand to the point it is today. We look forward to a long future of growing, innovating, and creating a brand that supports our region and this great state of Michigan!

    Matt and Keegan Myers, M22 LLC founders.