's Week at the 2012 Traverse City Film Festival

Traverse City Film Festival: The 8th Annual Traverse City Film Festival was a huge success, and for l Traverse Magazine staff, it was a busy week indeed! We had over half a dozen of our staff attending film screenings and holding celebrity interviews all week long. Now, we share our all-things-movie experiences from the 2012 Traverse City Film Festival with this compilation of 2012 TCFF articles and blogs.

Missed one of the shows, want to elongate this year's TCFF? Just click on the article titles and whisk yourself away to the full stories!

Traverse City Film Festival: Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore

Actor Susan Sarandon and Traverse City Film Festival founder Michael Moore take the stage at the Traverse City Opera House.

Traverse City Film Festival 2012: Traverse Mag Staffer Picks 5 Movie Favorites

Movie aficionado, Traverse City Film Fest & State Theatre volunteer and Traverse, Northern Michigan’s Magazine Colleague Points Out Her Favorite Movies of 2012 TCFF.

A Morning Spent with Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore

I just returned from the City Opera House with Lissa after our morning that we spent at "Susan Sarandon: One on One with Michael Moore." I am not entirely sure what I was expecting of Michael and Susan, but it wasn't exactly what I got from the discussion…

Traverse City Film Festival: "Growing Up Female" Inspires at the TCFF

Traverse City Film Festival: A staffer's inside perspective on the 2012 Traverse City Film Festival documentary, Growing Up Female. Attends "Margaret" at the 8th Traverse City Film Festival

…Then Margaret started, and any lingering worries faded away. The movie was instantly absorbing, following the emotional fall out of a young woman who witnesses (really causes) a fatal bus accident. The scenes of raw, alarmingly real conflict were balanced with breathtaking shots of New York City and a gorgeous classical soundtrack. Together the entire theatre followed the protagonist's downward spiral and long crawl to partial redemption.

TCFF Filmmaker Panel: Who's Laughing Now?

Comic relief appeared in the form of seven relatively well known directors that included Michael Moore, Larry Charles, Terry George, Sabina Guzzanti, Bob Byington, Eric Kissack and Josh Koury. The best part? They were all funny. There were very few serious moments, and when there was a brief downbeat comment one of the panelists (most of the time Larry Charles) would crack a snide remark or quick retort and the audience would be brought back to talking about laughter. What I liked so much about the panel were the different perspectives each panelist had on comedy.

Traverse City Film Festival 2012: Video Interview with Susan Sarandon

Traverse City Film Festival 2012: Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon talks with's Rebecca Reynolds about her movies and her Ping-Pong passion.

Watching Hysteria at the State

Wowie wow, I saw Hysteria yesterday and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. Let me give you a little background on the film itself… Basically the plot minus any sort of interpretation is a romantic comedy about the invention of the vibrator in late Victorian England. Before you click out of the post in disgust let me quickly say that it was not only funny but tastefully done. Why, you might ask, did I decide to watch this movie in a theater? Surrounded by people who are many years older than myself? There are a few reasons.

Traverse City Film Festival 2012: Director Julia Reichert

In Traverse City for the 2012 Traverse City Film Festival, the director of Growing Up Female chats with

Bernie at Lars Hockstead Auditorium

Have I mentioned that I love my job? It hardly seems fair that while my friends are waiting on tables, or working at the marina, yesterday afternoon I "had" to go see the movie Bernie for It was noon and the sun was at its peak, and I was glad to escape in to the dark and cool Lars Hockstead, where the vintage school furnishings (the auditorium is part of Central Grade School, which was built in the early twenties) were oddly appropriate for the funerary themed Bernie.

Traverse City Film Festival 2012: Kristen Bell

The Michigan native and much acclaimed actor was at the Traverse City Film Festival to present a screening of her new movie Hit and Run.

Traverse City Film Festival 2012: Detropia talks with the directors of Detropia, a documentary about Detroit that won a prize for U.S. Films at the Traverse City Film Festival.

Traverse City Film Festival 2012: "Ashes of America"'s Ariana Hendrix on the Traverse City Film Festival documentary Ashes of America.

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