Daily Archives: August 6, 2012

  • Sea of Sunflowers
  • Traverse City Film Festival 2012: Detropia

    MyNorth.com talks with the directors of Detropia, a documentary about Detroit that won a prize for U.S. Films at the Traverse City Film Festival.

  • Northern Michigan Wine: Nine New Northern Michigan Wineries

    Northern Michigan Wine: Nine startup wineries expand the varieties and technique of Northern Michigan winemaking. Take a look at the growing roster…

  • Northern Michigan Outdoors: Have More Fun Behind the Boat!

    Northern Michigan Outdoors: What can your towrope do? This summer, make your Northern Michigan boating day better with more fun behind the boat.

  • Northern Michigan Recipes: Summer S'mores Gone Local

    Northern Michigan Recipes: We dial up our favorite campfire treat by adding some of Northern Michigan’s best local ingredients. Here’s how to make them!