Top Traverse City Beaches

Top Traverse City Beaches: The best part of living (or visiting!) in Northern Michigan is time spent outdoors at the beach. No where else in the world is the water so clean and pure, the sand so soft and the horizon so uninterrupted.This summer take advantage of our access to paradise! Though you really can’t go wrong with any Northern Michigan beach, our handy guide to the coves and bays around Traverse City helps you find the perfect beach for any day.

Top Traverse City Beaches: West End

Running in a sandy arc from Traverse City’s Open Space a mile west to M-72, West End Beach has long provided a measure of Traverse City’s summer vital signs. Locals and visitors stake out space on shore, while boaters anchor nearby, creating a boat-to-shore social scene. The region’s most active volleyball action fires up here as well, with the fit and oiled competing nearly every evening all summer long. An easy walk to downtown delivers T.C.’s restaurants, cafes and a break from the sun.

Top Traverse City Beaches: Bryant Park

With its fat strip of sand, playground equipment on the grass, a plenitude of picnic tables (with grills) and a nice bathroom, Bryant Park, ranks high on family beach favorites. Smaller crowds seal the deal for those looking for a quieter beach scene than what’s found downtown. Plan a late afternoon gathering followed by picnic dinner and sunset, and you’ll have a day to remember. At the southeast corner of West Grand Traverse Bay, where Garfield Ave. meets Peninsula Dr.

Top Traverse City Beaches: Haserot Park

Tracing the shore of the diminutive bay at Old Mission Village, the Traverse region’s first European settlement, Haserot Park beach presents a sequestered piece of classic summertime. Playground equipment, picnic tables and grills. But also modest sailboats moored in the bay, cottages running along the shore, and an old timey souvenir shop is a short walk up the little two-lane. One bonus: the bay opens to the southeast—protected from the north and west winds.

Top Traverse City Beaches: Long Lake

Families, especially those with little kids, appreciate the warm inland lake water that Long Lake offers. Shade from towering fir trees in the park offer respite for naps and for when the sun gets too hot. Picnic tables keep the meals easy. A small market a halfmile away fills in what you forgot. And of course, there’s that fall-in-love-with-it Long Lake view. About 6 miles west of Traverse City on North Long Lake Rd.

Top Traverse City Beaches: Clinch Park

Next to the old Traverse City zoo and adjacent to the Clinch Park Marina, Clinch Park beach is a great place to get your tan on while squeezing in some quality people watching. Over 1500 feet of sand along West Grand Traverse Bay, Clinch Park features picnic tables, lifeguards from mid-June to August (great for younger swimmers) and is just a short walk from downtown Traverse City restaurants and coffee bars. Head east of Union Street on Grandview Parkway.

Top Traverse City Beaches: East Bay Park

Located on East Bay Boulevard, Easy Bay Park has a lot going for it. Views of the glass tower of the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, a pleasant park area with grills and bathrooms, and a small playground all make this beach ideal for families with young children. The water of this Lake Michigan bay remains very shallow for a long distance out, allowing new swimmers as well as those who are more inclined to wade than free-style, to splash to their heart’s content.

Top Traverse City Beaches: Traverse City State Park

On the other side of busy U.S. 31 from the sprawling Traverse City State Park campground lies a long strech of peach and quiet. The Traverse City State Park Beach, which is accessible via an elevated walkway over the traffic, is one of Traverse City’s most popular beach spots. With picnic tables, restrooms, on-duty lifegaurds and an outlet of Mitchell Creek at the west end of the beach, it is the perfect place to bring a lunch and spend the day. A state park permit is required should you want to park your car there, but foot access is free.

Top Traverse City Beaches: Bayside Park

Bayside Park is more than just a sandy beach with clear shallow water–with picnic tables, playground, basketball and shuffleboard courts, this is the go-to awnser to the constant summmer vacation question “what should we do today?”. Just south of the intersection of U.S. 31 North and M-72 in Acme, Bayside is a short distance from Traverse City on East Grand Traverse Bay.

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