Daily Archives: February 13, 2012

  • Peace, snow and sunshine
  • wege Anna Wege Goes Simple and Stylish at Grand Traverse Commons Condo

    Northern Michigan Renovation: Sophisticated, sleek, open and comfortable. Self-explanatory style makes itself at home in Traverse City’s Grand Traverse Commons.

  • The Story Continues for Traverse City's National Writers Series

    Northern Michigan: How author Doug Stanton’s great idea for the Traverse City National Writers Series is turning heads in the publishing industry.

  • Northern Michigan Sports: The Basketball Mystery That Endures

    Northern Michigan Sports: Ed Burling sill holds the Michigan state record for most basketball points in one game. We’re talking 97 points. In one game.

  • Northern Michigan Building: Aging in Grace on Elk Lake

    Northern Michigan Building: Architect Kelly Kerlin-Ropposch designs a rustically elegant and practical home for her parents north of Traverse City on Elk Lake.